Top 4 Food Joints in Navi Mumbai that you must Visit!

What would instigate you to invest in Kharghar, Nerul, and Vashi? How about those places serving good delicacies? With so many places, restaurants and hotels to visit, people in Mumbai are spoilt withchoice. However, Navi Mumbai is fast emerging as one of the places with amazing food inns andrestaurants on offer. Authentic cuisines, amazing interiors and innovative offers are slow and steady positioning Navi Mumbai on the bucket list of every avid foodie. With so much development & activitiesgoing on, flats in Kharghar are fast replacing residential developments in Nerul as the new face of NaviMumbai. People are getting more and more inclined towards buying real estate in Kharghar. Have alook at these 5 places that absolutely complement the developing Navi Mumbai and can give the bestrestaurants in Mumbai a good run for their money.

Soy Street (Vashi)

Do you have a liking for Chinese buffets? If buffets are your thing, Soy Street has got to have one of the best Chinese buffets you will come across several places. I have a friend who has a flat in Kharghar, but,he frequently visits this place to satiate his taste buds. Plan a lunch trip to Soy Street and find yourself treated to an overwhelming variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts. Sitting pretty amidst the interiors are elegant and stylish, the restaurant staff is very attentive and the turnaround time on the orders are pretty quick. Bragging Rights – Chinese Buffet.

Kaktus Bar & Kitchen (CBD Belapur)


Kaktus Bar & Kitchen can be described as one of the best places to eat in Navi Mumbai. It is an amazing place for Italian food lovers. From Mediterranean platter to Honey BBQ Chicken, the food does not disappoint. For Bacon lovers: You need to try the Bacon wrapped Prawns. The soups here, are simply brilliant. Trust me, you will not find soup this insane anywhere elseits their specialty! Bragging Rights -Broccoli & Almond Soup.

Caf Monza (Kharghar)


A hit among-st the locals, this place is vouching hard to soar the prices of real estate in Kharghar. Italianfood, mashed potatoes and milkshakes are the three cornerstones of a perfect Caf Monza experience.Their blueberry and strawberry milkshakes are by far the best in all of Mumbai and Navi Mumbaicombined. The foodies from the flats in Kharghar have definitely gave its nod to this place. Even if youhate traveling from the suburbs to Navi Mumbai, you will be very tempted to go all the way to Khargharjust for those blueberry milkshakes at Monza. Bragging Rights Blueberry Milkshakes.

Pronto Pasta & Noodles (Vashi)


Inspired by a good concept that is predominant in the west, Pronto provides you with a lot of optionsalong with customization factor to create own meals. If you prefer creamy soup and nice textured andwell-cooked noodles, Pronto is the place for you. Don’t be deceived by the size of the place as it saysnothing of how good their food is. Keep trying different combinations until you find THE ONE. BraggingRights – 3 Sauce Pasta with Achari Chicken.