Stylish Ceiling Designs That Transform The Look of Your Home

It’s time to break the ceiling, quite literally because when it comes to redecorating your homes, there’s so much you can do to make your ceilings look like a masterpiece. We often tend to ignore the ceiling of our homes and do not give them the attention they deserve. Opt for some unconventional ceiling styles that can completely change your ordinary space and make it look extraordinary. It doesn’t matter how bold or subtle your home looks, adding a pop of colour, pattern or design to the ceiling helps transform the look and feel of your home.



The kind of ceiling design you choose is more reflective of your personality in many ways than one. When it comes to stripes, this ceiling design has a fun, vibrant, playful vibe to it. The colours and the design itself make your home look fancy. If you haven’t ever considered a striped ceiling, it’s never too late as it makes for an interesting choice. Let the walls of the room be plain and simple and just focus on the ceiling in order to make it the focal point.



Checkered floors have been common when it comes to home designs, but speaking of ceiling designs, checkered ceilings tend to create a magical effect.    If you don’t believe us, try experimenting and add the unique touch by opting for black and white ceiling tiles or black and orange contrasting ceiling tiles and take a look yourself. This contrast will give your room a level of depth and can make your room look visually stunning.



Transport yourself to the Victorian era and add an architectural element to your otherwise dull room. The most important factor to be considered while choosing ceiling stencils is that the pattern you pick needs to perfectly blend with the overall interior design of your home. You cannot afford to get this wrong because it’s going to be an intricate part of your home. Make it worth all the time, effort and money you invest in it.

Bold Colours


Let your ceiling also reflect the person that you are. If your personality is a colorful one, let it reflect on the kind of ceiling your home possesses. Colour makes everything beautiful and infuses life into an otherwise bland and boring room. While opting for a ceiling colour, there are various options to choose from. Warm colours like orange and yellow make spaces look cozy while light colours can make a room look spacious and large. Picking out the right ceiling colour totally depends on the functionality of the room.



Coffered ceilings have been around since ages and give the ceiling in your home the perfect old world charm. These ceiling designs feature sunken square or rectangular panels where the main lighting fixture is hung from the centremost panel, which gives it all the attention it deserves. If your home features very little décor, then this kind of ceiling adds depth and gives character to the room.

False Ceiling with Stunning Lights


This is one of the most common ceiling styles found in homes and is one of the simpler ones that add the much-needed complexity to your living space. An addition of LED strip lights generates a very relaxing, calm tone to the whole atmosphere, especially when the lights are dimmed. This ceiling design is mainly featured in hotels and is extremely cost effective while providing an elegant touch to your entire home.

Just go through all these options and jazz up your homes. Also, remember in some cases there could be limitations on the ceiling designs based on the construction. Don’t feel dejected as a bucket of paint helps you unleash your creativity.

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