Size-up New Year Destinations

Greetings everyone! The month of December is here, and we all know what’s coming close. Oh yes, the New Year. The year of 2017. And we all know what the eve brings in for us all. Loads & loads of celebration. If you’re in or around Kharghar, we’ve got a range of places that’d you fancy wandering about on the 31st of this year.
Let us now widen our eyes upon what we’re talking about.
Kharghar is emblazoned by numerous places that’d have you celebrating. Here, we’ll focus on five of those which would have you all spruced up on that special day.

We’ll start with…

The Navi Mumbai Corporation (During New Year’s)


What symbolizes celebration is this. Utmost decoration around each & every corner of this place, makes you feel blessed with the essence of joy. And the fireworks at the start of the New Year does light up our heart with the excitement & the spirit of farsightedness.

Moving on, we have other places that you would love to drive your way into. They are…

The Rude Lounge in Belapur


As we all know, lounges are crafted for celebrations and, such places spread the red carpet all on their own on days like the New Year’s Eve. From barbecued delicacies to flavoursome favourites in glasses, you’d have the chance to relish every bit of it alongside jazzy tunes that spark up the atmosphere.

Next in line would be

Royal Tulip in Kharghar


And here’s something that’d have you drive in with the whole of your family. For the New Year, this place is absolutely amazing. With your better-half, kids & other close friends, you’d make the most of every minute out here. So, are you looking forward to some quality time out here on the last day of this year?

The Park Hotel, Navi Mumbai


Time for you to get ready for some immensely exciting hours of celebration this New Year. Just like the others we’ve mentioned on top, The Park sure does make the moment all bright with each of its special features that it has for you.

Well, here’s something that’s a little different, but one that surely would be a destination for you to make the most for this year’s New Year’s Eve.

Kharghar Hills



An actual rocky moment on the mountains with a trek, followed by a meal on the green pastures. And then, some songs & classic moments with friends under the star lit sky as you’d welcome the year 2017. Would you fancy blissful nature as you celebrate the new year? We certainly would see an ascending array of ‘yeses’ popping out.

Out of all these options, which of these would you like to venture into? Or would you have us looking at you starting your day at one & moving on to each one after a certain span of time? How’d it be? Come on, tell your friends about it & drag ‘em along.

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