Extra-curricular Endorsement

It’s time we settle in for a spirited start to our new turn of life in Navi Mumbai. Work, school & other duties everyday sure do have us getting our laces untied. Well then, how would one get himself back up on his feet in the most spirited way?

Aha! Looks like we have somethings in Navi Mumbai which would certainly have you up & running whole-heartedly. Let’s see what & where they all are.

We could start off with the Fusion Elements Dance Academy…


Dancing is something which every second person on the planet looks up to. And here, you attain quality steps in each move. Oh yes. This dance academy is based in Vashi & Nerul, and has absolutely first-class trainers in the industry.

Before you slip into your dancing shoes, you’d want to get your sportswear ready as we’ll steer your attention onto the world of sports on a whole.

The Ram Sheth Thakur International Sports Complex


This is a spot that leaves all sports lovers heavy on their heels, totally out of astonishment. From swimming to badminton, tennis, athletics & more, this sports complex stands tall with almost every sporting activity there is.

We’ll now stir into one more amusing point in Navi Mumbai.

Bilaney’s Institute of Cooking & Baking.


We see many come in here for some unusually appetizing moments and then, venture into the world of cooking. This sure is the perfect destination for those whose taste-buds tingle for professional satisfaction in the kitchen.

And here’s something to capture all these moments perfectly.

The Omi Photography Centre.


They help you take your photography techniques to the next level. From panning, framing, composition & more, here you’d get to learn every subject of photography perfectly.

Having seen these, you might certainly have felt astonished by what Navi Mumbai has for you. So just plug in your seatbelt & drive by each & every corner of Navi Mumbai to get astonished, far beyond your expectations. What’re you waiting for?



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